Tuesday, October 18, 2011

French Lessons

Today, as every Monday, I had my french lesson and just like evey other time I sucked. I'm doing so many mistakes and I'm trying hard without any result :( as you can see

This is unfair! 

Also I'm anxious that I'm never gonna lern this damn language but my teacher is always like

ok maybe she's not calling me slut but you get the point..

today I'm not gonna cry about french but I want to teach you some of the basic french I know 

don't you worry, you'll definately need this words anyway :P

Oh what???is this for kids?
ok maybe
a little bit..

you are right, let's get real you don't need "l'avion" or "la glace"
this is what you need
just sayin..

so go ahead and learn 

ps. we are going to make a new post everyday,if not, read this again.


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  1. gallika ;________; *apothikevei tis glikes eikonitses*


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