Friday, October 7, 2011

My new extensions

My creation
Few  week ago i was browsing ebay looking for anything cheap but cute.
And i stumbled upon these awesome hair extensions for only $3.99! The brand's name is "Clair Beauty"
So i had to order them immediately since i always wanted to know how i would look with long hair. I mean for That price how bad could they be?

IMG_2663_CrossProcess_1IMG_2665_CrossProcess_1After 1-2 weeks they came and whoa they are amazing. Of course they are synthetic which means you can't dye them or style them differently (but i'm usually bored to style my own hair let alone these humongous pieces of hair) So i had to curl my own hair to resemble the extensions
(read how i curled my hair here)

And they are So soft!! nothing like my hair obviously :P
i love them! really
they have 4 clips on the back and they are really easy to put on 
Ahhh.. (keeps brushing the extensions)
They did tangle up of course. But that gave them a more natural look i think and they don't look too shiny and fake even with flash~ but the lack of split ends gives them away ahahaha

Since i have medium length hair these extensions area too long for me and i'll propably cut them to match my hair more


Yup, You can clearly see that the wig color doesn't really match my hair color, especially at the back of my head where my hair are redder~ but i'll be dying them soon to fix that ;)

*feels like Rapunzel*
And one thing i noticed is that i don't really like my hair long.. It just doesn't go well with my features i think.. oh well!

That's my review on these lovely extensions i don't think there is anything more to say, they are cheap, they are just hair.

Thanks for viewing and please comment :D

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  1. I got these!! So soft and curly.
    It looks like real hair on you!


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