Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Curlformers Review

Yesterday i wanted to curl my hair to match my new super cheap extensions
(to see my extensions click here)

Which was an excellent excuse to use my curlformers. And i am quite happy with the results ;) 

I bought them a long time ago but i was 
bored to use them... XP


Curlformers are a neat way to have awesome curls without using any heat on your hair. And they are really cheap ~2$ without shipping~! They come in different szes and shapes. I've bought the cheapest ones,they create a medium curl (not too tight not too loose) and they are perfect for medium length hair. I have 2 packages because i wanted more long ones (check out the product here)

They are really easy to put on and there are numerous youtube videos showing you how to apply them

I have curly/wavy hair and so i guess they can hold the curl well but I've seen it work on people with straight hair as well! I didn't have much time so after one hour i used the blow-dryer to seed things up but you are supposed to let them air dry completely. When i took them off some were still wet and those didn't held the shape very well...


So i blow-dryed them, took them off and applied hairspray all over



Here's how the curls look undrushed.

And here's how they look after a little styling and brushing:

I'm overall really happy with the results and they did hold the shape all night long :)
The next day there were still curls but messy of course. But that's fine by me as well~

If you use ebay to purchase the Curlformers use the term  "magic curlers

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  1. gay bacon ... pinaw THELW!

  2. Your hair looks great curled. My hair is poker straight, wonder if they would work on me? Hmm

  3. @thegilzothank you! I think it could work (cause i've seen people on youtube doing it) but they are dirty cheap so you could give them a try :)


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