Thursday, September 22, 2011

Knitting social network? Yup!

In my previous post i told you about how much i enjoy knitting lately, so i was browsing the internet looking for yarns, patters etc

And i found this site:

And all i can say is that i'm amazed! 

This site is made especially for knittingcrochetingspinning, and weaving. You can post your projects, add your yarn stash so you can keep track of what you have, add your needles and all your tools, browse through a huge number of free (and non free) patterns that members offer etc.

I love that you can update the status of your work and choose the yarn you will need from your stash and the needles.

It also has a community where you can ask questions if you get stack

If you are interesting in knitting or crocheting you should definately check it out!

I'll post a link to my page as soon as i have some projects to show off :)

Some free patterns i found:

Click On the Name of the patterns to view them :)


1 comment:

  1. what's your username on ravelry? add me: i love seeing other people projects and favourited patterns!


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