Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Girl

I just watched the first episode of the New Girl and I'm really excited cause it's definitely gonna be my new favoute show :)


was hilarious I must admit that I always loved her style, her hair, and her voice.

Let me say some things about the plot,
I must begin with the trully funny scene that Zooey wants to make a surprice to her boyfriend and comes earlier home without clothes :O
She was clumpsy and uncoordinated during the dance moves and when she said "I'm doing sexy thing with the pillow" I couldn't spot laughing.  Unfortunatelly she realises that her boyfriend is cheating on her O.O (how he could do that), so she is forced to find a new place to live.The new appartement she is looking for it's going to have 3 roomates and they are BOYS!

I won't say anything else about the show for now. Watch it and I'm sure that you'll love it :)

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