Thursday, September 8, 2011

Button necklace

Hi Everyone :)
2 days ago i made this necklace and i decided to show you how to do it as well 
isn't it cute?

So keep on reading....

15 Minutes

Super Easy

You will need:
2)small piece of fabric

 First of all you gather your buttons and play around with them until you find a shape you like. You can also glue buttons on top of each other and create cool effects. I wish i had heart and flower shaped buttons to make this piece even cooler!

Glue the buttons on the fabric. It doesn't matter if the glue sticks on the top of your buttons cause you can always scratch it of once it's dryed
 Once you buttons are ready  you can draw a cute outline that you like

Cut around the outline you draw

Get a cute riddon and cut to pieces.

Sew the ribbon ends on the necklace

Tie the ribbon at the back of your neck making a cute bow and.... YOUR DONE!

easy right??

I think it would look even better if the buttons where sewn in and the outline was hand-sewn as well.... But i was really bored when i did this. Maybe i'll make a better version later on once i get my hands on some more interesting buttons :)

If you have any questions please ask me :)



  1. ΤΕΛΕΙΟ!
    Λατρεύω τα DIY tutorials ! Μπράβο!

    Ευχαριστώ για το follow! Οπωσδήποτε θα γίνω κι εγώ μέλος! Μ/ αρέσει πολυ :-)

    Kisses from:

  2. Very Cute and Sweet Necklace !!!!!
    Enter to Win a Gorgeous Oversize Clutch Bag

    Good Luck xoxox

  3. I had a go at this last week and love the results! Such a quick and easy way to make a funky new piece of jewelry. Thanks! You can check out what my version on my blog below (I've added a link to bring people over to your tutorial too). I'm definitely going to make some more :)


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