Friday, September 2, 2011

Our first polymer clay creations

Our inspiration was a video on youtube .We saw all the cute things you can make  with polymer clay and there was no doubt that we wanted to try our luck.We were really excited and we were having great time creating cute necklaces, rings and earrings.But the fate had different plans for us,before we realise it,  the exam period in our universities started and we were had to stop our small business.The university won this time, but next time we will win,that's for sure :P
these are some of the stuff we created early on.. I wish i could find all the stuff we created but right now i can't seem to find out where i have them! >_< 
most of the stuff you see here are wanabee necklaces or charms, i found these guys in a box in my room :)

we took a lot of pictures trying to show all of them. Sorry for the weird angles or the bluriness in some of them but it's our first attempt in trying to show of our work v.v

haha you can see bubble's leg over there.  (god look how tan she is)

here you can see our cakes and cupcakes a little better!

^w^ i love this picture!

two fish in the sea

the happy mushrooms
~i made them that's why they are so cute~

the rabbit and the nerd chicken

the starfish has become the centre of attention

a pink tree
ps. i think it's a sakura tree...

a yellow octopus

silly yellow octopus~!
I just love this chicken
Me too!! 

cutest chicken ever!!!

colourful necklaces

haven't you notice?? the chicken can swim

that is the holy chicken. It is obviously made from pure silver clay :P

the kisser mushroom 
oh my! that pervert!
the love bears

the trees and the fruits
this was supposed to be a necklace, with the tree as the center piece and the fruits as beads. I have one but i can't find it anywhere T_T

cupcake love

the big doughnut 
it was a keychain for a while

you can't seperate them
they are "friendship" necklaces!

a huge pumpkin

poor chicken

a duck
well... duh!

a charm bracelet thingy made of colorful donuts
don't ask me waht it is, you see I don't even dare touching it

kids toy

and that's about it FOR NOW! we will be making more (and better) creations soon enough ^w^
if you liked any of these creations we would be more than happy to upload a tutorial on how to make some of your own
just post your suggestions below ^^


  1. reeeeeee twra thimithika oti kapou exw paratisei to skato mou ... damnnn prepei n t vrw ...anyways

    mporw na milisw kai san ikanopoihmenos pelaths!

  2. omg........... KAWAIIIIII!!!!! ♥


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