Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Post

We are two friends and we have just started this blog :)
We are going to write about our lives our interests and our hobbies

We spent a great amount of time online searching for diy projects, fashion, make up, and all sorts of stuff.  I've used TONS of tutorials from other blogs online youtube videos and online communities to make stuff and get inspirations.
As a result we decided to make a blog to share the lessons we learned and hopefully inspire someone ourselves.
We are new to blogging though. Today for example i spent lots of hours trying to figure out how to make categories for our posts.
But we'll do our best and blog about our process. In the end i hope we have a good guide for any new blogger to see. 
As you can see we have PLENTY of plans and we are super excited to share with you! (well for now our only subscriber is ourselves but at least we know he supports us 100%)


ps. English is not our native language so please tolerate our grammar/vocabulary mistakes v_v  

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